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Wallace and Gromit Project Zoo

Genre: Action; Platformer; Action/Adventure
Publisher: BAM! Entertainment
Developer: Frontier Development
Release Date: 10/7/2003
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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The diabolical penguin has incarcerated all the baby animals in order to persuade their parents to do his bidding and manufacture gems from the coal being mined using the incredible diamond-o-matic. Wallace & Gromit have smelled the fishy presence of Feathers and developed an elaborate plan to infiltrate his domain. And so the indomitable duo has to construct the integral part of their scheme; the Trojan Penguin. When the giant wooden bird is placed at the zoo gates Feathers’ narcissistic personality embraces the 30-foot tribute and makes it the zoo centerpiece. Unbeknownst to Feathers Wallace & Gromit reside in the Trojan Penguin complete with resplendent standard lamp and armchair. At night the pair can start their amazing adventure.

  • Charge through the game as the resourceful and adventurous Gromit with Wallace never far behind to offer hilarious if sometimes dubious hints.
  • Race through five enormous action packed levels (with 24 sub levels and mini arcade games) covering eight different ‘animal houses’ in the zoo.
  • Bursting with inventions designed to challenge the mind and fill every level with fast paced fun including: the Porridge Gun Coal Flinger Banana Launcher and Knitting Machine.
  • Build contraptions invented by Wallace to aid your journey such as ‘Springy Boots’ ‘Mine Cart’ ‘Toboggan’ and ‘Gyrocopter’.
  • Bamboozle your way past Feather’s army of zookeepers henchmen and mischievous monkeys!
  • Take full advantage of the next generation consoles’ capabilities using high poly count multi-texturing fogging environment-mapping specular lighting shadowing and depth of field.
  • Spot the parodies; dozens of scenes containing well known adaptations of movie/game elements to add to the humor.
  • Master tons of special moves from Gromit including head spins back flips and the hysterical ‘sneaking’ moves.

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