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Valkyrie Profile Lenneth

Genre: RPG
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: Tri-Ace
Release Date: 7/18/2006
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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As Lenneth Valkyrie; players assume a pivotal part in determining the outcome of the largest battle in Norse Mythology. On the eve of Ragnarok; a battle between the warring factions of Aesir and Vanir Lenneth is dispatched to the land of mortals in pursuit of worthy allies. Her mission is a crucial one that could possibly sway the tides of war in her faction’s favor.

Approaching brave souls at the time of their death Lenneth must convince these combatants to join her in the ultimate battle against evil. With time working against her Lenneth must seek out train and command an army of fallen soldiers in preparation for the final battle against Surt the leader of the Vanir.

  • Special enhancements take advantage of the PSP system capabilities – true 16:9 support and new
  • CG cinematics add more value for new and returning fans
  • Classic RPG in the palm of the hand – experience the adventure in the living room on the road or outdoors
  • Heart wrenching tale of honor courage and the pursuit of life after death – follow the fallen heroes as they pursue honor in the next life
  • Time-based story progression breeds a non-linear experience where actions determine the outcome of Ragnarok – recruit well and Valhalla is saved recruit poorly and destruction looms
  • Encounter 24 unique characters with deep levels of customization
  • Multiple endings that are revealed based on crucial world-altering decisions

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