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True Swing Golf

Genre: Sports
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: T&E Soft
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi
Release Date: 1/24/2006
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

Available Options:

Game Storyline: Players pick one of eight characters (four male and four female); select a personality and hit the tour. From there they can play in tournaments; practice play a quick round or play in local wireless mode with pals.

Play tournaments to go up in the rankings which earns more money to buy better gear. As players customize their characters’ clubs spikes and other gear their game will improve and they will unlock more and more courses.

  • Touch Swing control: In this realistic golf game swing control mimics real life. Players simply slide the stylus across the touch screen to strike the ball and send it flying. They can even curve their swing to slice or hook shots and alter the angle of the club head for sharpshooter-like accuracy.
  • More than 15 impressive 3-D courses all with their own hazards and strategies test players’ skills. Players earn better gear by winning tournaments to help them compete.
  • With several game modes character customization and wireless multiplayer support for up to four players with just one game card there’s something here for all golfers no matter what their skill levels.

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