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The Sims 2

Genre: Simulation; Simulator
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Maxis
Release Date: 10/24/2005
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Invent a cast of characters and tell your own stories about them in The Sims™ 2. Create your Sims; give them personalities; and see what trouble they get themselves into. Directly control every move they make; customize their world; build their homes; create their food and design their fashions! Guide them in their careers and fulfill their aspirations as you build their social network and avoid making enemies. Enjoy the peaks of pleasure and the trials of pain in your Sims lives.

  • Direct Their Lives- Develop a master plan for your Sims social life career and pathway to greatness… or let them live in utter chaos. Control Their Every Action-Directly manipulate every move your Sims make with direct controls.
  • Add Your Personal Touch-Create thousands of food recipes and clothing designs. Use these custom creations to affect your Sims Aspirations and to impact other Sims lives.
  • Sims Remember and React-Sims now have Memories

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