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The Shield

Genre: Action; Shooter
Publisher: Aspyr Media
Developer: Point of View
Release Date: 1/16/2007
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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The Shield is a 3rd person action videogame capturing the look; feel and authenticity of one of the most talked about programs on television. Detective Vic Mackey and the Strike Team define a new form of policing on FX Network’s Emmy and Golden Globe winning police action-drama; The Shield. Sammy Studios is working in cooperation with the show’s creators and talent to ensure that the game authentically recreates the same action and visceral emotional impact as the show. Never-before-seen gameplay elements will create a true-to-life police action video game; and moments taken directly from the series will immerse players in the disturbing Farmington underworld now recognized by millions as Vic’s universe. Just like the series; players in the game will delve into the grayest areas of the law employing unconventional police tactics while fighting a war on crime where the lines are blurred on what ends can justify the means.

  • Experience a virtual ‘lost episode’ in an authentic extension of the award-winning series created in close cooperation with The Shield creators writers and talent
  • Engage in perilous police work in a living recreation of Farmington: thwarting robberies apprehending killers intimidating informants and hunting down gangs laying roots in Farmington
  • Exciting gameplay blends precision gunplay hand-to-hand combat and stealth with police tactics never before seen in a video game
  • Employ questionable tactics such as brute force bribes and planting incriminating evidence but manage your ‘Heat’ level to keep Internal Affairs off your trail
  • Innovative elements such as ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Adrenaline’ gauges deliver a unique action game experience

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