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The Mummy Returns

Genre: Action
Publisher: Vivendi Games
Developer: Blitz Games
Release Date: 10/5/2001
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Closely following the plot of the summer blockbuster; The Mummy Returns is a 3D action/exploration title where the player can opt to fight for the forces of good or evil. Effectively two games in one; players can choose to control either movie hero Rick O’Conner or the returning villain Imhotep. Thus two very different game styles are offered as players are given different objectives for each character.

  • As Rick players must rescue his son Alex and wife Evy from the clutches of Imhotep before attempting to defeat the powerful Scorpion King and thus saving the world. To this end O’Conner is armed with a variety of weapons with more available as the game progresses. Imhotep however can use an array of spells to attack Rick but must also gather the ingredients needed to resurrect the Scorpion King so that the dark sorcerer can use his inhuman armies to take over the world.
  • In keeping with the globe-trotting elements of the movie The Mummy Returns features levels based in London Cairo and the Hamunaptara ruins while the supporting cast includes the undead and pygmy zombies. Similarly The Mummy Returns also boasts incredible camera work to convey the feel of a blockbuster film with the action tracked by a series of dynamic viewpoints.

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