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Rune Viking Warlord

Genre: Action; FPS
Publisher: Gathering
Developer: Human Head Studios
Release Date: 7/30/2001
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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Enter the world of Ragnar; a Viking warrior from a time long past. As a hero handpicked by the gods to defend humanity; you are charged with the task of doling out justice on the bloodstained edge of your massive battle-axe. Your ultimate goal is to stop the shadowy war masters of the netherworld from bringing about Ragnarok; the day legends say will be when man god and giant will wage a brutal war and destroy the world.

  • Rune- Viking Warlord is the definitive version of Rune redesigned for the PS2. With all new features including: new levels in the highest mountains and the deepest depths of the netherworld new monsters such as the flame-clawed Helhounds terrifying Frost Giants of the Nordic mountains and the skeletons of the dead reanimated to stop Ragnar in his quest.
  • Engrossing epic storyline delves deep into Viking mythology as players navigate their way through over 40 distinct environments.
  • Build Ragnar’s bloodlust and go berserk to unleash a massive flurry of blows.
  • Interact with your world- use torches to burn objects and enemies or light the way gain weapons from your vanquished foes smash through walls and obstacles that stand in your way and even attack your enemies with their own severed limbs.
  • Choose from 15 unique axes hammers and swords to hack bash and slice your enemies. Everything from the classic Viking sword to huge dwarven axes will be at your disposal. Draw upon the power of the runestones that grant each weapon its own unique power of the gods to vanquish your foes.
  • Ragnar himself features over 7000 frames of animation for unparalleled control over movement and combat.
  • The unique and cunning AI allows enemies to throw weapons block with shields destroy obstacles and gang up to oppose Ragnar in his quest.
  • Split-screen multiplay allows you to play against your friends as more than 20 different Viking gladiators as you square off in grandiose arenas and ancient stone coliseums.

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