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Monster Hunter Freedom

Genre: Adventure; Hunting
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
MultiPlayer: Wi-Fi
Release Date: 5/23/2006
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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In Monster Hunter Freedom; challengers take on a variety of quests and conquer larger than life beasts either alone or with the aid of others. Players start by customizing their own character; choosing the type of hair; face; voice and other various attributes their personalized monster hunter will possess. They can explore ahub village where they can sign up for various challenges ranging from retrieving a valuable egg from the nest of a menacing dragon to hunting down powerful creatures and much more. Hunters can scavenge defeated monsters for food; collect bones for weapons and armor; and even use pieces for decorative accessories. In addition; by completing objectives; players receive an array of rewards that allows them to upgrade their arsenal and equipment readying them for even tougher battles.

  • Breathtaking graphics – lush environments and detailed monsters are beautifully represented on the PSP system
  • Modified quests enhance offline gameplay – whereas the previoustitles emphasized online gameplay missions have been adjusted to offer more accessible single player experiences
  • Ad hoc multiplayer
  • Up to four can team up in cooperative multiplayer missions via the PSP system’s ad hoc mode
  • Players can also exchange certain items as well as guild cards which track points that are awarded when friends play together
  • Enhanced village hub features a new look and includes various upgraded areas
  • Expanded item shop – players can use quest rewards or pillaged items to upgrade more weapons and armor than before as well as purchase items ammo and food
  • House area – hunters now have an improved home where they can store and manage items in a chest save their progress by resting in bed read magazines that provide useful game tips and access the new Felyne Kitchen area
  • Farm – a brand new location where players can fish garden scavenge for items and more
  • By investing with the town’s representatives and dealing with the businesses players contribute tothe growth and development of the area which creates additional options
  • New Felyne Kitchen – hire these feisty creatures to create various culinary delights in their extraordinary kitchen
  • Experience different effects from eating the specially prepared food such as increased attack power defense and more
  • Benefits from the food continue until a quest is cleared once
  • The more these chefs are used the higher their levels become improving their cooking skills to produce even more helpful entrées
  • Each cat has their own unique ‘special’ ingredient which can produce different results that aid players in combat
  • New ‘treasure hunters’ two player co-op game
  • Collect and deliver treasures in a specific time to achieve high scores and earn various items
  • High value prizes are added to a collection list on a guild card which can be traded with friends
  • Exciting mini games – collect items harvest plants and complete other small tasks to obtain all kinds of useful items
  • Brand new weapons and equipment provide even more options

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