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Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

Genre: Adventure
Publisher: Konami Digital Entertainment
Developer: Konami
MultiPlayer: Co-Op
Release Date: 11/8/2011
Language: English
Rating: MA-17

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The METAL GEAR SOLID HD Collection comprises of HD remastered versions of METAL GEAR SOLID 2: SONS OF LIBERTY; METAL GEAR SOLID 3: SNAKE EATER; and METAL GEAR SOLID: PEACE WALKER. It will mark the first time these legendary titles have been released for these formats and will act as a stunning introduction to one of the most enduring video game series of all time.

METAL GEAR mastermind and series creator Hideo Kojima is overseeing the updates for each title. The METAL GEAR SOLID HD Collection will be released on Blu-Ray disc for PlayStation 3 and across two DVDs for Xbox 360. In addition to the enhanced high-definition visuals all titles in the collection will support trophies and achievements marking another first in the series!The new game springs to life in stunning 3D with the jungle genuinely enveloping the player as they work their way through the lush setting. The game also takes full advantage of the split-screen format enabling easier access to Snake’s inventory which is now located below the main action. The game also supports gyro synchronization for special actions that will draw players further into the world of MGS.

Concealing one’s self and sneaking up on guards is central to METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D but the 3D elements make key boss battles and exploration all the more riveting. When Snake crawls along the ground the game utilises a first-person view in which the foliage can be seen brushing past as he moves forwards. Similarly the many creatures that inhabit the locale are not merely visual enhancements but affect gameplay and will attack if Snake is not wary. However in a unique departure for the series these can also be killed and stored as rations highlighting how Snake must also overcome his surroundings while undercover on his mission…

Another addition to METAL GEAR SOLID: SNAKE EATER 3D is an all-new camouflage photography system. Within the game Snake can alter his ensemble to match and blend in with his immediate environment and the possibilities can range from brick-coloured fatigues within buildings to the classic camouflage khakis of the jungle. Users can now take a picture of anything however the extent of its effectiveness will vary depending on how well your pictures blend with Snake’s environment!

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