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Knockout Kings 2003

Genre: Sports
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: EA Sports
Release Date: 10/8/2002
Language: English
Rating: Teen

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Knockout Kings 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube offers all the big time boxing moments; lightning-fast gameplay and features the franchise is famous for. With a long list of the greatest boxers of all time. Create countless dream matches with Muhammad Ali; Joe Frazier; Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard or stick with the current lions including Felix Trinidad; Lennox Lewis; Oscar De La Hoya; Fernando Vargas and many others. Over 20 fictional boxers are also available.

For the first time in the history of Knockout Kings boxing gamers will be able to take on opponents in single elimination tournaments with un-timed fighting in an all-new mode. Gamers will experience arcade style boxing with a hip new feel. On screen cues will spur fighters on as they earn progressive damage levels for user selectable special punches which can be unleashed on your opponent at any time. A more detailed stat tracking system will award points for the fighter’s actions in the ring such as quickest KO number of blocks and most knockdowns. These points will be used to track a fighter’s status in the ring. In two-player mode pre-select what determine the winner either by knockdowns or knockouts points earned and time limits.

  • Career mode: allows the user to build a boxer from scratch with the create-a-player feature. Develop and manage your boxer’s career by building up attributes with points earned in the ring as you work your way up in rank.
  • Motion capture technology: Motion capture brings the boxers’ movements to life. Hand animation and motion blending give boxers extremely fluid movements and realism in the ring.
  • Graphics: Detailed body models and 3D face mapping technology allows EA to record every feature on a boxers face and recreate them in the game.
  • Facial Animations: Full facial animations let the user see the raw emotions of the fighters facial damage and contortions from devastating combos and lethal punches.
  • Health: Feel the difference a heartbeat in the controller delivers a signal to the user that he is in danger of being knocked out so he can box defensively or go for a quick knockout.
  • Commentary: Exciting commentary and analysis from Larry Michael and Max Kellerman.
  • Referees: Mills Lane and Richard Steele to help keep things fair.
  • Ring announcements: Jimmy Lennon Jr. Punch control: Punch control allows gamers to unleash lightning fast punches on their opponents.
  • Soundtrack: hip-hop soundtrack sets the tone as boxers enter the ring; sound effects bring the user into the ring.
  • 10 Venues: Select from 10 new and redesigned boxing venues.
  • Multiplayer tournament mode: Go head-to-head with up to 8 players vying for the championship belt.
  • Taunting: Bring on the attitude with unique boxer specific taunts to let your opponents know how little you respect them in the ring.
  • AI: artificial intelligence system based on volumes of data from boxing expert Bert Sugar. Go up against the real fighting styles of Ali Frazier Lewis and others.

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