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Katamari Forever

Genre: Puzzle
Publisher: Namco Bandai
Developer: Bandai Namco
Release Date: 9/22/2009
Language: English
Rating: Everyone

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Staying true to the eccentric Katamari universe and its unique gameplay; players in Katamari Forever will use the Princes Katamari to roll up everyday objects. The more objects the Prince rolls up; the larger his Katamari becomes allowing him to roll up even bigger items. In Katamari Forever the Prince faces his toughest challenge yet with more weird and wonderful Katamari to roll up than ever before.

A terrible event has occurred causing the stars to disappear from the night sky and the King of All Cosmos to fall into a coma. The Prince must use his finely tuned Katamari rolling skills once more to re-create the absent celestial bodies save his royal father and restore order to the Cosmos. Thumb tacks sushi cats people skyscrapers ocean liners and continents €“ nothing is safe as the Prince makes his way through the largest variety of stages ever in a single Katamari game.

New graphical styles give Katamari Forever a certain je ne sais qu

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