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God of War

Genre: Action/Adventure; Hack & Slash
Publisher: SCEA
Developer: SCEI
Release Date: 3/22/2005
Language: English
Rating: Mature

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In GOD OF WAR; the dark brutal world of Greek mythology comes to life before your eyes. As you take the role of Kratos; a story unfolds with various plot twists and multiple endings that take the player through explosive; aggressive gameplay fused with traps; stunts and story driven puzzles. Featuring an hour of cinematic sequences and a deep combat system built around unique double chain blade weapons; GOD OF WAR will take the player through various environments that will have them fighting fierce enemies; swinging on ropes; scaling mountain cliffs swimming through rivers and sliding down zip lines resulting in a one-of-a-kind action-packed Greek mythology adventure.

Kratos is an ex-Spartan soldier possessed by Ares the God of War. Over time he becomes the most vicious warrior in Ancient Greece to a point where he can’t bare it anymore and sets out on a journey to kill Ares. However the only way to destroy Ares is to find Pandora’s Box which is located in a temple that’s perched upon a hill and guarded by traps puzzles enemies etc. The story is told as a flashback of three weeks prior to where the opening movie starts and then sets the stage for the game…

  • GOD OF WAR introduces a brutal slice of life set in the mythological Greek era. Players can live according to their own nature. Even if it is by brute force.
  • Defining the next evolution in gaming GOD OF WAR presents an explosive gameplay mix: raw melee combat fused with traps stunts and story driven puzzles.
  • Huge collection of moves: players can swing on ropes scale mountain cliffs swim through rivers slide down zip lines.
  • GOD OF WAR delivers an extensive combat system based on uniquely linking combos for a myriad of fighting moves. Take the combat in air take out a number of enemies at once and utilize ‘context sensitive moves’ – moves that in particular situations allow you to grab kick or throw an enemy.
  • Kratos’ main weapons are two blades ¡V one attached to each arm by a long chain that wraps around his arm. This allows for both short-range and long-range attacks.
  • Encounter some of the greatest mythological beasts and enemies: Medusa Cyclops Minotaur Harpies and more.
  • Unleash an innovative magic system that grants the power of gods and monsters: use Medusa’s head to freeze your enemies strike them with Zeus’ thunderbolt cut them down with Ares’ blades.
  • Explore and unravel numerous puzzles that range from simpler lever pulls to the most mind-bending sadistic twisters around.
  • Players can experience a real-time world of interactivity: soldiers battle and die structures fall to the ground and the dark violent world of Greek mythology comes to life in gory detail.
  • From the creative director of the Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal:Black franchise.

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